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SLR camera accessories Zigview S2

Ilse Jurrien
IFA Report
Friday 13th, July 2007
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Argraph Corporation, the international supplier of innovative photographic / imaging products, is offering DSLR camera users a unique opportunity to get free Zigview S2 accessories that can set them free from behind their cameras and enable them to view and shoot their images from virtually any position they choose. Here’s how it works: Buy a Zigview S2 - the Digital Viewfinder that won the Digital Imaging Marketing Association’s 2007 Innovative Digital Product Award - from a participating retailer during June, and receive a free transceiver cable and shutter release cable, directly from Argraph. The Zigview S2 fits most SLR cameras with dedicated eyepiece adapters and shutter cables.

SLR camera accessories

Free camera accessories
These two amazing accessories enable you to remotely view and fire your camera from up to 5 feet away (even as far as 70 feet with additional extensions). These accessories normally sell for up to $150.00. They are now free with Zigview S2 purchases made in June. Imagine the freedom this will give you to see your subject and fire your camera, getting shots you couldn’t get otherwise. If you shoot news, sports, weddings, or celebrities, now you can put your camera head-and-shoulders above the crowd, see what’s in the frame, and then shoot comfortably right from the palm of your hand. Nature photographers, set your camera on your tripod, then hide behind a tree or a rock and be ready to fire when the perfect shot appears in your hand. Portrait, fashion and school photographers; move out from behind the camera, walk around, interact with your subjects, and then shoot at the perfect moment. You may never have to spend the day bent over looking through a viewfinder again!

Zigview S2 digital camera accessories
The award-winning Zigview S2 is the world’s first rotating, tilting real-time digital viewfinder for virtually any DSLR (and many film SLRs). It revolutionizes photography with its remote detachable 2.5-inch LCD screen, motion sensor, intervalometer, video output, and more. The Zigview S2 attaches to your camera’s viewfinder and displays a live video feed from the viewfinder to its large 2.5-inch high resolution LCD screen. You can tilt and rotate the LCD for viewing at any angle, including from the front of the camera. This makes low-angle, high-angle, and even self-portraits easier than ever. By adding the extendable transceiver and shutter release cable that are free with this special offer, the viewfinder can now be completely removed from the camera, to remotely view and shoot the image at the same time.

SLR camera accessories

Free camera accessories - Zigview S2 Motion Detector
The Zigview S2 also features a Motion Detector that fires the camera when anything moves into the field of view, plus a sophisticated Intervalometer that can be set to fire the shutter up to 999,999 times, over a period of up to 999 days with exposure intervals of between ½ second to 99 days, allowing a vast range of creative possibilities. This can be combined, if required, with its timed “BULB” feature which can be accurately set over a wide range enabling photographers to repeatedly control long exposures. Both the Motion Detector and Intervalometer can be started at the push of a button, on a countdown timer, or at a specific time and date with almost limitless shutter applications, making it the ideal accessory for wildlife, nature, security, and macro photography, or any situation where a covert or accurately timed approach is required.

Zigview S2 digital camera accessories - Price & Availability
The Zigview S2 also has NTSC/PAL video output so that the image can also be viewed on any external TV screen or monitor, and recorded. The Zigview S2 fits most SLR cameras with dedicated eyepiece adapters and shutter cables. The Zigview S2, with a retail price of $469.95, is available from select photo / imaging retailers nationwide.

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