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Canon HR10 DVD camcorder

Ralf Jurrien
IFA Report
Monday 16th, July 2007
Posted by: Ralf Jurrien

Canon goes from strength to strength in the expanding High Definition (HD) camcorder market with the launch of the HD-ready, direct-to-DVD HR10. As the world’s smallest AVCHD DVD camcorder - recording stunning 1080i HD movies to standard 8cm DVD media - the HR10 combines shooting convenience with extreme portability and is Canon’s third consumer-focused HD camcorder release in under a year. The Canon HR10 inherits a number of advanced technologies from Canon’s professional camcorder range, including Instant AF and the advanced Super Range Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS). The Canon HR10 has a 2.7” Multiangle Vivid LCD screen which makes it easier to share video with friends and family.

Canon HR10

Canon HR10 camcorder - HD Ready
However, it is the Canon HD Camera System - the combination of a Canon HD Video lens, Canon Full HD CMOS sensor and advanced DIGIC DV II processor - that allows the Canon HR10 camcorder to deliver superb HD images. All three of these unique technologies are designed and manufactured exclusively by Canon. With additional high quality photo features, 25p progressive shooting mode, and the option of both HD and Standard Definition (SD) recording, the Canon HR10 AVCHD camcorder is a truly versatile imaging device that brings a new HD dimension to Canon’s direct-to-DVD line-up.

Canon DVD recording
“The Canon HR-10 combines the convenience of recording directly to DVD with the power of High Definition moviemaking in the home,” said Mogens Jensen, Head of Canon Consumer Imaging Europe. “Since November 2005, Canon’s HD line up has grown rapidly: we now offer a complete range of shooting options, from the professional standards of the XL H1, to the extreme ease of recording on the stylish new Canon HR10.”

Canon HR10 features
• Ultra-compact High Definition (AVCHD) recording on standard 8cm DVDs
• Canon Full HD CMOS sensor (2.96 Megapixels), with Bayer placement RGB filter
• Instant AF for superbly accurate auto focusing at speed
• Genuine Canon HD Video Lens with 10x optical zoom and Super Range OIS
• HD-optimised DIGIC DV II processor
• Additional advanced digital photography functionality
• 2.7” Multiangle Vivid LCD, with Hard Coat AR (HCAR) surface processing.
• LCD screen offering a wider viewing angle and broader.
• Monitor has more realistic colour palette
• 25p Cinema Mode (25p progressive shooting and CINE image settings)
• Quick Start, powering up the camcorder from Standby mode almost instantly
• Easy playback; connect to an HD-Ready TV - HDMI interface

World’s smallest AVCHD DVD camcorder
As the world’s smallest, direct-to-DVD AVCHD camcorder, the HR10 is perfect for anyone who demands the quality of HD recording and the convenience of straight-to-disc shooting. Weighing just 530g and with an advanced curvature design that sits comfortably in the hand, the HR10 is an extremely lightweight and portable camcorder.

Canon HR10

Full HD Canon CMOS
Canon’s Full HD CMOS sensor captures 1080i HD footage at 1920x1080 resolution, recording directly to easily available 8cm DVDs (-R/-RW/-R Dual Layer). While advanced noise reduction technology on this unique CMOS chip makes video look cleaner and sharper during playback, an RGB Primary Colour Filter provides vibrant, true-to-life colours. The low power consumption of Full HD CMOS and the long-life battery supplied as standard ensure that recording can continue for extended periods.

Canon Instant Auto Focus
Instant AF was first introduced with Canon’s professional HD camcorders, the XH A1 and XH G1. An advanced auto focusing system specially designed for the increased requirements of HD, Instant AF provides super fast, highly accurate auto focus, leaving users free to concentrate on framing the shot.

Superior optics and Super Range OIS
The Canon HR10 precision 10x optical zoom lens is constructed to the highest optical standards. Drawing on Canon’s expertise in the development of lenses for broadcast, the lens is specially engineered to provide the increased resolution necessary for HD imaging. Employing additional advanced technologies - such as aspheric lens elements and Canon’s Super Range OIS - the lens delivers stunning image quality. Super Range OIS combines two types of shake detection methods, allowing the Canon HR10 to better compensate for vibrations across the entire frequency range - for example, the slight body movements associated with breathing that inferior IS systems often miss. This advanced IS is also effective for digital still photography.

Canon HR10

Canon HR10 digital photography
Optimised for the increased data rate of HD imaging, Canon’s DIGIC DV II processor features advanced noise reduction technology, providing outstandingly sharp video pictures. Colours are reproduced with the same vibrancy as they appear in real life. With Canon DIGIC DV II it is possible to take high resolution 2.07 Megapixel photographs while an HD video is being shot; during playback of HD movies, a photo can even be grabbed from footage already recorded to disc. As a fully-featured digital stills camera, storing pictures to compact MiniSD card, the HR10 also offers a range of advanced digital photography functions, including 9-point AiAF metering, histogram display (allowing brightness levels of digital photographs to be monitored with ease), a built-in flash, and PictBridge direct printing. The Canon HR10 DVD camcorder meets almost all imaging needs.

Canon Wide angle LCD with HCAR surface
The HR10 has a 2.7” Multiangle Vivid LCD screen which makes it easier to share video with friends and family: it’s never uncomfortable to gather around the camcorder’s screen thanks to a wide 135 degree viewing angle in both vertical and horizontal directions. The LCD also supports a wider colour range than ever before, while Hard Coat AR (HCAR) surface treatment ensures that colours look sharp and true to life, with minimal darkening.

Canon 25p Cinema Mode
The versatile Canon HR10 is capable of genuine 25p (progressive) HD shooting, giving footage an appearance similar to film. In addition, a special CINE image mode provides an easy way for anyone to achieve a cinematic colouring for their movies. This mode, derived from Canon’s high-end XH series camcorders, automatically adjusts cine gamma, cine matrix and other image variables to provide the look and feel of film during playback on a TV. CINE image mode can be applied whether a user is recording in HD or SD.

Camcorder Quick Start
While it can take most camcorders several seconds to be ready to record after being switched on, Canon’s Quick Start allows the HR10 to enter Camera mode almost instantly. With one push of a dedicated Quick Start button, the camcorder rests in its energy-efficient Standby mode. With one more push of the button, the camcorder is ready to record in approximately a second. Thanks to Quick Start, once-in-a-lifetime moments - child’s first steps - need never be missed again.

Easy playback - HD ready television
For those with big screen ambitions, the camcorder can be easily connected to an HD-ready television set or compatible computer via HDMI: a single cable that provides high quality transfer of both audio and video signals. Alternatively, AVCHD DVDs can be played back in compatible Blu-ray disc players and computers.

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