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Ricoh Caplio RR750

Ralf Jurrien
IFA Report
Monday 16th, July 2007
Posted by: Ralf Jurrien

Ricoh is proud to announce the release of the new Ricoh Caplio RR750. The trim new entry-level Ricoh RR750 digital camera adds several exciting and useful features to its extremely popular predecessor, the Caplio RR730 camera. The crystal-clear 2.5-inch color TFT-LCD monitor now has even higher resolution for clearer viewing during picture taking and playback. And greater lens power resolution gives even higher quality images. The Ricoh Caplio RR750 digital compact camera is the latest addition to Ricoh’s popular, award-winning range of digital cameras, which have won favor with photographers everywhere because of their outstanding performance, value for money and stylish designs.

Ricoh Caplio RR750

Ricoh RR750 camera - Scenes
The new Ricoh RR750 consistently produces stunning, crystal-clear images unmatched by other cameras in its class. The 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, for a combined 12x zoom, give the RR750 the versatility to effortlessly handle any photographic situation. Weighing only 128g, the sleek, compact body of the RR750 sits comfortably in the palm of your hand and fits easily into pocket or purse. What’s more, the point-and-shoot freedom of earlier models is further enhanced in the RR750, so that even absolute beginners will have no trouble impressing friends and family with stunning digital images.

Ricoh Caplio RR750 compact camera - Photo and Movie
The six scene modes of the Ricoh Caplio RR750 give you exciting options for adding a touch of creativity to your digital imagery. With Mode dial settings of Auto, Program, Portrait, Landscape, Sports and Night Scene, along with the popular Movie mode, you get extensive choice and usability. In addition, low-light photography has become even easier with an increase in maximum ISO sensitivity, and, if you do need flash, the higher flash guide number of the Ricoh RR750 gives you even greater flash range. With longer battery life than previous models, the Ricoh Caplio RR750 can keep on shooting even longer.

Ricoh Caplio 750 digital camera - LCD screen and Body
When you want to check your shots, review them clearly, anytime, anywhere thanks to the enhanced resolution of the super-large size 2.5-inch color TFT-LCD monitor. Or simply transfer them to your computer with the Ricoh RR750’s easy-to-use USB connector. The Ricoh Caplio RR750’s 32 MB of internal memory gives it the ability to take many beautiful pictures right out of the box. If you need more storage space, just add an SD Card, a widely used and easily available storage medium. If you are looking for an easy-to-use digital camera with a light, elegant body and crystal-clear color TFT-LCD monitor, then look no further. The Ricoh Caplio RR750 is the camera for you.

Ricoh Caplio RR750 - CCD and Macro
The Ricoh RR750’s 7.16 Megapixel CCD delivers superior image quality with every shot. Even large A4 size prints turn out bright, sharp and full of rich detail. The Ricoh Caplio RR750’s 3x optical zoom brings you close enough for most scenes. But when you need to get even closer, the 4x digital zoom gives you a total of up to 12x zoom. The RR750 records movies, and features six useful scene modes to help you take the best pictures in all conditions. In the exciting world of macro photography, you can find beauty that you never knew existed.

Ricoh Caplio digital compact camera - Storage capacity
The Ricoh Caplio RR750 boasts a full 32MB of internal memory. And if you need it, extra storage capacity is available using SD Cards (sold separately). The super-large 2.5" color TFT-LCD monitor has enhanced 153,600-pixel resolution to give strikingly clear image playback right after shooting. AA batteries are available almost anywhere, making the Ricoh Caplio RR750 a perfect partner for photography on the go. Transferring photos to a computer couldn’t be simpler, just connect the Ricoh RR750 with the USB cable provided. Bundled software even enables you to enhance your photos and create panoramic images.

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