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Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA65

Ralf Jurrien
IFA Report
Monday 16th, July 2007
Posted by: Ralf Jurrien

Sanyo, introduces a new high quality digital movie camera capable of long recording time, and waterproof capability the Sanyo DMX-CA65. The Sanyo DMX-CA65 will be on sale from June 15, 2007. Sanyo is committed to providing new solutions by openly employing its propriety technologies in creative ways. Also, in order to bring the fun of digital movie cameras to the web, Sanyo is cooperating and moving forward with four online communities in the Xacti 2.0 project, leading the way with the combination of Xacti and Web 2.0. Xacti is presented as a solution for people wanting to use movies on the web, in such things as making a personal broadcast station on the Web or for movie blogs.

Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA65

Sanyo Xacti CA65 digital camera - SD Memory card
Video camera trends are shifting quickly from traditional recording mediums such as tape-types to DVD and HDD types, or silicon media such as SD cards (semiconductor memory). In the midst of these shifting trends, SD Memory card type "Silicon movie cameras" such as the Xacti are advantageous in that they are smaller and lighter, as the playback and recording mechanisms and mechanical driving parts are not necessary any longer. Hereafter, through the expansion of media capacity as well as the progress towards price-reduction, there is an expected expanding trend of "Silicon movie type-cameras", with Japan's domestic market expecting approximately 300,000 camera sales for Fiscal Year 2006, and seeing that number rise to approximately double that amount, with 720,000 cameras forecast to be sold in Fiscal Year 2010 (according to internal market forecasts).

Sanyo DMX-CA65 compact camera - Water proof
Responding to consumer demand, Sanyo started selling the DMX-CA6 camera series from August 2006, a camera which introduced a splash-proof design for people with active lifestyles. The CA6 enabled pocket-sized digital movie cameras to go where cameras of that type had not gone before, allowing the camera to be exposed to water drops or spray and take high quality pictures and movies. The DMX-CA65 takes the splash-proof concept to the next level, allowing those with active lifestyles to bring the camera both into and under the water and take high quality pictures and movies.

Sanyo CA65 pocket size movie camera
Until now, video cameras have required extra care and attention when used near water or on rainy days, from the fear and insecurity of situations which might cause the camera to become wet due to water drops, the camera getting sprayed or splashed, or even worse, full submersion and completely losing the use of the camera. The DMX-CA65 lays all these fears to rest as it becomes the world's first waterproof pocket-sized movie camera. Without concern for water spray, snowflakes, or water drops, the camera can be close to the action and record the enthusiasm and adventures of people with water-related active lifestyles. The camera can even be used in more unusual situations, such as while submersed to film underwater, for example, during marine sports including surfing and snorkeling, or winter sports where there may be water spray, such as skiing or snowboarding.

Sanyo Xacti CA 65 video camera - MPEG4 encoding
The DMX-CA65 adopts the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format, based on ISO global standards. Through effective high-compression utilizing advanced image encoding technology, longer recording time is capable. In comparison with previous traditional MPEG-4 formats, the H.264 format is described as "having higher image quality for the same amount of recording time" and "having longer recording time for the same image quality as traditional the MPEG-4 format". This mode was created for movies, and, depending on the situation, may be adjusted. If using a 4GB SDHC memory card, approximately 5 hours recording time may be taken.

Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA65 - Adobe Premier Elements 3.0
Additionally, the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, because it is a leading format expanding through video-delivery services on the internet that are quickly spreading, the movies taken can be uploaded to blogs with ease. If the camera used is a Xacti, then it will be easy to make the transition from the traditional movie-taking style of keeping movies on the shelf, to the new style of sharing movies with others quickly and easily. In order to allow easy of use of the movies and pictures taken with the camera on the computer, the camera comes bundled with "Adobe Premier Elements 3.0", software that enables the editing and creation of original DVDs, and "Adobe Photoshop Album SE", enables simple management and viewing of photographs.

Sanyo CA65 digital camera - Pure Force Engine III image processor
Through the high-speed image processing LSI "Pure Force Engine III", movies can be filmed even in low-light conditions. When using the "Automatic" setting, subjects may be recorded in light as low as 7 lux, and when using the "Lamp Mode" setting found in the "Scene Select" function menu, the frame rate will be automatically adjusted, enabling subjects to be recorded in high quality, even 2 lux low-light environments. High-quality 6.0 Megapixel still images may be taken up to the highly sensitive ISO 1600 level. Still images may also be taken in scenes indoors or at night, in situations where a flash is not desirable, and still capture beautifully the natural colors and expressions. The camera is also equipped with an on-board Anti-shake Digital Image Stabilizer for movies, enabling high quality movies and images whether used the bright outdoors or dark indoors.

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