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SeaLife underwater digital camera

Ilse Jurrien
IFA Report
Saturday 4th, August 2007
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Whether you're diving the Great Barrier Reef in search of breathtaking coral or snorkeling along the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, a camera that can stand up to the harsh underwater environment is essential. SeaLife's new DC600 6.1-megapixel CCD camera is the solution. Designed to take high-resolution images up to 200 feet underwater, it produces ultra-clear images that overcome the biggest obstacles in great underwater photography as well. Versatility is the camera's key attribute, as users can take impressive photographs under almost any conditions. You could feel confidant to take your DC600 snorkeling or scuba diving, there's no fear that water will damage or ruin the camera.

DC600 underwater digital camera

SeaLife DC600 - Underwater photos
And its compact size and attractive design make it the perfect companion to bring along on your underwater or outdoor adventures. No matter where you go, the SeaLife DC600 underwater digital camera can handle the environment. For travelers packing light, the SeaLife DC600 is the only camera you need.

SeaLife DC600 underwater camera features
When weather and water are of little concern, the slim (1" x 2.5" x 3.5": HxWxD) internal camera can be easily popped from its airtight housing through a convenient side-mounted latch. As a top-side camera, the DC600 underwater camera functions just as effectively as it does underwater. The camera includes a self-timer and features a video mode, allowing users to capture high-resolution digital video with sound. The DC600 camera has virtually no shutter lag in part to SeaLife's FAST (Fast Action Shutter Technology), as fast as 0.37 seconds shutter response time, so you won't miss capturing your memorable moments.

SeaLife DC600 underwater camera - Spy mode
The new SPY mode allows the camera to take continuous pictures at set time intervals so you capture the perfect shot of hard to photograph subjects. Select the desired time interval from 5 seconds to 30 minutes and push the shutter button. The camera will automatically take pictures until the memory card is full or you push the shutter button again. Capture hard-to-photograph underwater landscapes and sea creatures in time lapse. The SPY mode has endless applications limited only to your creativity.

SeaLife underwater digital camera - Land & Sea exposure program
The DC600 underwater camera also features unique Land & Sea exposure program so the camera takes sharp colorful pictures in a variety of applications. Set the camera to Sea mode for optimal exposure control and color correction for underwater pictures. The External Flash mode allows scuba divers to take bright colorful images when using the SeaLife auxiliary flash accessory.

DC600 underwater digital camera

SeaLife DC600 waterproof digital camera
Guaranteed waterproof to a depth of 200 feet (60 meters), the SeaLife underwater camera measures merely 2.3" x 3.6" x 1.1" (HxWxD) and weighs under 17 ounces in its housing, yet features a large 2.5-inch display screen, a 12X Mega Zoom (3X optical zoom plus 4X digital zoom) two underwater exposure modes (Sea mode, External Flash mode) and 13 modes for use on land (auto, sports, sunrise, sunset, splashwater, night, macro, portrait, landscape, panorama, candlelight, text, fireworks and SPY). The radically new sleek, compact design is not only more compact, but maintains the ease-of-use characteristic with one-button operation, full rubber armoring, and ergonomic button designs. The long-life lithium-ion rechargeable battery is an important feature for those planning extended use between charges.

SeaLife DC600 for scuba divers and underwater entusiasts
"The DC600 underwater digital camera allows users to create professional-quality photos of rare underwater creatures, or ultra-crisp snapshots of family and friends, with simple one-hand, one-button control," said Joe Ifi, SeaLife's Director of Sales & Marketing. "With its unique features and new technology geared towards the Scuba diver and underwater enthusiast, the SeaLife DC600 is the ideal camera."

SeaLife underwater digicam - Super macro auto focus system
The camera's external polycarbonate shell is rubber armored for sure-grip handling through all conditions. Shutter release and all other mode buttons are easily accessible through the housing, even when wearing gloves. The super macro auto focus system permits close focus to within 2 inches of subject.

DC600 underwater digital camera - SD flash memory card
The SeaLife DC600 features 10 MB of built-in memory, and an SD Card can be added for up to 1 GB of memory. It features an Auto Power-Save function that preserves battery life during extended dives and long periods of inactivity, and is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery (included, with AC adapter) capable of taking approximately 100 pictures on a complete charge. The DC600 underwater camera comes complete with Photo Express and Photo Explorer software and USB cable connectivity.

SeaLife ReefMaster Mini underwater camera
Also new to the SeaLife family of cameras is the ReefMaster Mini underwater camera. Depth tested to 130 feet, this 6.0 megapixel camera has a compact, pocket size that makes it a great companion camera to the DC600.

DC600 underwater digital camera - Price & Availability
The SeaLife DC600 underwater digital camera is available at dive and photo shops nationwide at a suggested list price of $549.95, and it is compatible with SeaLife's entire line of accessories, including Digital Flash, Flash Link, Wide Angle Lens, External Flash (slave unit), and protective carrying cases.

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