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ReefMaster Mini underwater camera

Ilse Jurrien
IFA Report
Sunday 5th, August 2007
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Diving the clear, tropical waters of Kailua Kona, Hawaii or snorkeling stingray city in the Caymans are once in a lifetime adventures that you want to remember for the rest of your life. SeaLife's new ReefMaster Mini is designed to capture these impressive underwater adventures. This 6-megapixel underwater camera is the ideal companion to take on all your underwater ventures. The ReefMaster Mini underwater digital camera is specifically designed for those who love to spend their time in and around water. Its durable fully rubberized exterior allows users to take impressive photographs without the worry of losing a grip on the camera.

SeaLife ReefMaster Mini

SeaLife underwater camera
Whether you are scuba diving, snorkeling or any watersports activity, there's no fear that water will damage or ruin the camera in any way. And its compact size makes it the ideal camera for all situations. SeaLife Cameras, recognized by TIME Magazine for one of "The Most Amazing Inventions Of 2005" for its DC500 digital camera, is a leading manufacturer in digital dive cameras, with over 25 years of experience designing durable underwater cameras to the specific needs of outdoor and watersports enthusiasts.

ReefMaster Mini digital camera - SPY mode
This camera utilizes the latest in digital camera technology and made for fast action use under varying elements. The ReefMaster Mini underwater camera has virtually no shutter lag and a fast recycle time so you won't miss capturing your memorable moments. The new SPY mode allows the camera to take continuous pictures at set time intervals so you capture the perfect shot of hard to photograph subjects. Select the desired time interval between pictures from 5 seconds to 5 minutes and push the shutter button. The underwater digital camera will automatically take pictures until the memory card is full or you push the shutter button again. Capture rare photos of animals and sea creatures that are too timid for you to get close. The SPY mode has endless applications limited only to your creativity.

ReefMaster Mini underwater camera - Sea mode
The ReefMaster Mini underwater digital camera also features unique Land&Sea exposure program so the camera automatically takes sharp, colorful pictures in a variety of applications. Set the camera to Sea mode for optimal exposure control and color correction of underwater pictures. The External Flash mode allows scuba divers to take bright colorful images when using the SeaLife optional external flash accessory. The SeaLife ReefMaster Mini also offers 6 modes for land-based photography, including Auto, Sports, Night, Portrait, Backlight and Landscape modes.

SeaLife ReefMaster Mini

SeaLife underwater digital camera - Rubber armored
Guaranteed underwater to a depth of 130 feet/40 meters, the SeaLife ReefMaster Mini is small enough to fit in your shirt pocket and weighs 10.4 ounces/295 grams (with 2AA batteries and an SD memory card). The ReedMaster underwater digital camera is fully rubber armored for sure-grip handling and shockproof to 6ft/2m. Shutter release and all other mode buttons are easily accessible, even when wearing gloves. The ReefMaster Mini camera also includes a self-timer and features a video mode, allowing users to capture high-resolution Motion JPEG digital video with audio.

ReedMaster Mini camera for snorkelers and divers
"The ReefMaster mini is SeaLife's entry level underwater digital camera that gives the snorkeler or diver the opportunity to take great underwater pictures with a small, compact camera," said Joe Ifi, SeaLife's director of sales and marketing. "With its new Land&Sea mode, the ReefMaster Mini is the perfect camera for any adventure in or around water."

SeaLife ReefMaster Mini underwater digital camera - Price
The SeaLife ReefMaster Mini features 14 MB of built-in memory, and an SD Card slot that can be used to expand the memory up to 1 GB. The camera comes complete with Photo Express, Photo Explorer software and USB connection cable. The SeaLife ReefMaster Mini is available at SCUBA Dive and Photo retailers nationwide at a suggested list price of $329.95.

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