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Digital cameras at IFA Berlin

Ilse Jurrien
IFA Report
Wednesday 15th, August 2007
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Digital cameras are among the most attractive consumer electronics products: with a 12% increase in sales during the first half of 2007 they are among the most important factors driving growth throughout the industry. Sales of high-value SLR cameras have been particularly spectacular; rising 42%, with 250,000 of them having been sold in Germany between January and June. The IFA 2007 in Berlin will give a further boost to the upsurge in popularity of digital photography. Virtually all major digital camera manufacturers and photo printer suppliers will be using the trade show for consumer electronics to present their latest products to the trade and the public in time for the Christmas sales rush.

IFA Berlin

Digital SLR cameras at IFA Berlin
Particular attention will be focused on SLR cameras, a relatively new area representing the latest technological stage in the development of the whole product group. Resolution in the tens of millions of pixels are now taken for granted, picture stabilisers ensure protection against shaking even when the telephoto lens is used, and dust protection systems keep cameras clean even under the toughest conditions. Of particular interest: a new standard for image sensors and lenses has enabled designs to become even more compact. The smallest of the digital SLR cameras are even daintier and lighter than their analogue predecessors.

Digital camera trend - Zoom & Wide-angle lenses
At the other end of the spectrum there is a great deal of excitement surrounding the new digital pocket models, in tinier, flatter formats, and in cases that easily fit in any shirt pocket. The displays are even brighter and larger and are among the most important technological trends in this field, and even the lightest of these tiny cameras is often provided with electronic picture stabilisers. Yet another trend is that of the zooms with extra wide-angle lenses that are being fitted to an increasing number of compact cameras, as is evident by focal lengths of 28 millimetres and upwards (converted to miniature camera conditions), making them ideal for indoor photography. For example, the wide angle setting is suitable for photographing all the guests at a party from a close distance. These mini-cameras are also setting new records with their levels of sensitivity at the IFA 2007 trade show, with figures of up to ISO 6400 no longer a rarity, enabling faithful colour reproduction even after the sun has long since set. The range of the built-in electronic flash has also been extended.

Digital compact cameras - Digital face recognition
And there is yet another keyword that regularly appears in the list of features: digital face recognition. This refers to the cameras’ ability to instantly identify faces from any direction, and to optimise all settings in accordance with these details. And the end result: snapshots and portraits are clearer and sharper, and skin tones look particularly natural.

Brigde cameras at IFA Berlin trade show
Between the sophisticated SLR cameras and lightweight models for leisure use another category is acquiring growing importance, which experts refer to as bridge cameras. These combine the advantages of miniature snapshot cameras with those of the SLR models, all in one unit. For example cameras in this category offer the sort of zoom ranges and light sensitive optical systems that are normally only found in the SLR ranges. However, bridge cameras can dispense with removable lenses and in other respects they are as simple to operate as the little compact models. Many new and interesting examples of these mid-range digital cameras will also be included in the displays at the IFA Berlin trade show.

IFA Berlin 2007 - Printers
The IFA 2007 Berlin trade show can also be relied upon to offer the right printer for one’s own photographs. From handy postcard printers that can easily fit in one's holiday luggage to the sophisticated multi-functional units which can print large format images as well as the standard PC documents, the trade show on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds contains everything that is dear to the heart of every amateur photographer.

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