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Olympus Mju 1200

Ralf Jurrien
IFA Report
Thursday 23rd, August 2007
Posted by: Ralf Jurrien

Introducing the brilliant Olympus Mju 1200 digital compact camera. It packs an incredible 12 Megapixel resolution and boasts a number of leading-edge innovations including Face Detection Technology for the proper exposure and focusing of faces. In addition, Shadow Adjustment Technology has been integrated in the Mju 1200 to detect dark areas in a composition and optimises exposure for a more realistic image. This powerful addition to the stylish Olympus Mju 1200 comes in a weatherproof metal body in Midnight Black, which protects it against the elements. A giant 6.9cm HyperCrystal LCD makes the framing and reviewing of shots fun and easy - even in direct sunlight.

Olympus Mju 1200

Olympus 1200 - Weaterproof body
The incorporation of the new TruePic III image processor ensures the most faithful reproduction of image colours, excellent noise performance and quicker processing speeds. A weatherproof metal body in Midnight Black oozes with style and makes the Olympus Mju 1200 the ideal companion. Capture you and your friends at the poolside, and don’t miss a thing with a stunning 12 Megapixels of detail-capturing power. Preview and review shots with ease thanks to a giant 6.9cm HyperCrystal LCD which boasts perfect views.

Olympus Mju 1200 - BrightCapture Technology
The incorporated BrightCapture Technology brightens shots in low-light conditions, while a 3x optical zoom (equiv. to 35-105mm on a 35mm camera) combines with a 5x digital zoom to get in closer without you changing position. Super Macro mode expands the creative possibilities by getting you as close as 10cm to subjects. And the powerful new TruePic III image processor is the icing on the cake: Its realistic colour reproduction, improved noise performance and quicker overall processing speeds make photography with the Mju 1200 even more rewarding.

Olympus Mju 1200 - Shadow Adjustment Technology
Only the brightest innovations have been incorporated into this elegant and powerful compact model: A high ISO setting increases sensitivity so that images come out more brilliant, even in low-light situations. Shadow Adjustment Technology works by detecting the shadowy parts of a composition and automatically optimises exposure for these areas - resulting in more realistic images no matter what the lighting conditions. In addition, Face Detection Technology scans for faces which it then automatically focuses and properly exposes to significantly improve the depiction of human subjects.

Olympus Mju 1200 digital camera - Smile Shot scene
20 scene modes including Night Scene or Sports make it easy for novices and experts alike to quickly adjust settings for almost any shooting situation. In addition, the Smile Shot scene mode automatically releases the shutter when it detects that the subject is smiling, and integrated Perfect Fix lets you retroactively correct blur and red-eye directly on the camera’s LCD.

Olympus Mju 1200

Olympus Mju 1200 kit - Languages & Availability
25 languages on board ensure that virtually any user in Europe will be able to operate this camera in his or her native tongue, while internal memory plus an xD-Picture Card slot make storage space completely expandable. Included are an LI-42B battery and the Olympus Master software plus a trial version of Muvee Pack - which make it especially easy to organise, archive and share your shots. The Olympus Mju 1200 will be available from October 2007.

Olympus Mju 1200 - Features
• 12 Megapixel resolution
• Bright 6.9cm HyperCrystal LCD
• Face Detection Technology
• Weatherproof metal body in Midnight Black
• 3x optical zoom plus 5x digital zoom
• 1:2.8-4.7 for stunning portraits
• High ISO setting for less blur
• BrightCapture Technology
• 20 scene modes
• Movie recording plus sound
• TruePic III image processor
• Shadow Adjustment Technology
• Guide Function
• Perfect Fix function
• Internal memory plus xD-Picture Card slot
• 25 languages on board
• Olympus Master software 2.03 supplied
• Muvee Pack trial version supplied
• LI-42B battery supplied

Olympus Mju 1200

Olympus technical specifications
• New Olympus cameras
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• Olympus Mju 1200
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• Olympus Mju 790 SW
• Olympus FE-300
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