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IFA 2007 Berlin sets records

Ralf Jurrien
IFA Report
Friday 31st, August 2007
Posted by: Ralf Jurrien

With a rented area of around 104,000 square metres and record participation by 1,212 exhibitors from 32 countries the IFA 2007 begins on 31 August 2007 at the Berlin Funkturm. These figures confirm the ongoing success of the IFA on the second occasion since it became an annual event. IFA is also becoming increasingly important as a marketing instrument for companies in Asia and North America. “Foreign exhibitors account for more than 60 per cent of the total, a consequence of the efforts to give the IFA a more international dimension“, according to Dr. Rainer Hecker, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the IFA’s organisers Gesellschaft für Unterhaltungs- und Kommunikationselektronik (gfu).

IFA 2007 Berlin sets records

IFA 2007 Berlin
Dr. Christian Göke, Chief Operating Officer of Messe Berlin, added: “The high overall level of international participation is one of the hallmarks of the IFA. This year the IFA records one of the largest international participations of recent years by exhibitors and in particular by trade visitors. Consequently all the indications are that this will be a successful event. We can offer the entire consumer electronics sector ideal surroundings for business, and a highly attractive programme of shows and entertainment for visitors.”

IFA 2007 Berlin - Consumer Electronics
“The success of the IFA matches that of the market for consumer electronics products, a market that has been experiencing growth for a number of years. Attractive and innovative products are the reason for this“, explained Dr. Hecker. At the same time the market is experiencing more dynamic growth as new products, technologies and possibilities are presented and introduced at an ever faster pace. In most European countries this has resulted in encouraging expansion of the market. “We are certain that this welcome development of the market will continue into the second half of the year, and the IFA 2007 Berlin will help by providing a valuable impetus. In concrete terms we anticipate sales of Consumer Electronics devices will increase by 5,3 per cent to 62,3 billion euros in the ten most important European countries. In Germany Consumer Electronics growth should exceed two per cent, with a sales volume of 23 billion euros. In 2008 we expect market expansion to be as positive in Europe and in Germany as it was in 2007“, commented Dr. Hecker.

IFA 2007 Berlin - Messe Berlin
Messe Berlin and Gesellschaft für Unterhaltungs- und Kommunikationselektronik (gfu) are optimistic of exceeding last yer’s attendance figure of 225,000. Dr. Christian Göke: “We can delight visitors to the IFA 2007 with a programme of entertainment of a kind has not been seen before in the last decade. In the IFA 2007 Summer Garden and on the exhibitors’ many stages a total of more than 70 shows and concerts will provide first class entertainment. Over 200 prominent stars and future stars will be appearing at the IFA 2007 Berlin.”

IFA 2007 Berlin - CE trade show
The leading dealers’ cooperative groups and the IFA are intensifying their traditional partnerships as a means of ensuring that the world’s leading CE trade show more accurately reflects the interests of the cooperating dealers. These strategic partnerships are intended to provide European dealers with a single location where they can gain access at to the international consumer electronics sector in its entirety. “For the gfu as the organiser of the IFA 2007 this intensified collaboration with international dealers’ cooperatives is one of the cornerstones of this event. Together with these partners we are continuing to develop the IFA as the industry’s most important event and venue for orders, thereby ensuring the success of all involved. Dealers are the real VIPs of the IFA", is how Dr. Rainer Hecker views the intensive partnership with the trade.

IFA 2007 Berlin - IFA International Keynotes 2007
Once again the IFA rolls out the red carpet for specialist dealers and trade visitors. In addition to tried and tested services for trade visitors the IFA will also feature leading figures from the industry and a total of 81 outstanding specialist events. The IFA International Keynotes in particular will be the focus of attention for the media and trade visitors from all over the world. Each morning and afternoon for three days, from 31 August to 2 September, leading managers from the industry will be providing in-depth details and investigating current issues, topics and trends from many different areas of consumer electronics. They will also be presenting their strategies for the future on digital markets. IFA International Keynotes 2007 will feature the high ranking executives Rudy Provoost, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Philips Consumer Electronics; Norio Niwa, Executive Vice President Seiko Epson Corporation; Guerrino De Luca, President and Chief Executive Officer Logitech; George Bailey, General Manager, IBM Global Electronics Industry; Andreas Westhoff, Chief Sales Officer NAVIGON AG.

IFA 2007 Berlin - Media Policy
Media policy issues have traditionally occupied a place at the IFA Berlin. The specialist forum medienpolitik@IFA provides a venue this year for media experts from all over Germany to discuss the subject of “Competition between Infrastructures - Internet and Traditional Media“. Among the guests attending this meeting will be Kurt Beck, State Premier of Rheinland-Pfalz and Chairman of the States’ Broadcasting Commission. This year Minister President Beck is again acting as patron of our entire series of events under the heading of “medienpolitik@IFA“, consisting of three public round table meetings in Hall 26, on 31 August, and on 3 and 4 September, taking place each day from 2 to 3 p.m. For traditional specialist dealers, discounters, full-range stockists or other outlets - every supplier knows that they cannot afford to have dissatisfied customers. But service structures are changing, presenting new challenges each day to dealers and the industry. The serviceforum@IFA is aimed primarily at decision-makers from the ranks of specialist dealers and the craft trades, as well as at the representatives of industry and the media. This round table discussion takes place from 11 a.m. to 12 midday on 2 September in Hall 26.

IFA home entertainment & IFA audio entertainment
The IFA 2007 has undergone restructuring in order to provide an up-to-date picture of the dynamic consumer electronics market, to reflect the new main themes of this sector and to help customers to find their way around more easily. This new concept also takes into account the customers’ viewpoint. A poll of visitors to the IFA revealed that customers have a pragmatic approach regarding a visit to the IFA 2007. They first ask the question: what content do customers want to use? This can be divided into public content - such as YouTube, which is accessible to all, and private - for example digital photos which they create themselves. This is followed by questions concerning the type of equipment which they use to receive the content, and with which they can process it. Such vital questions have now been accorded their own place in the IFA layout: IFA Home Entertainment, IFA Audio Entertainment, IFA My Media, IFA Public Media, IFA Communication and IFA Technology & Components.

IFA 2007 Berlin - Technical trends
High definition quality, simple controls and unrestricted mobility, these are the main product trends at the IFA 2007. Always at the heart of this year’s innovations is the increasing adoption of high definition media. Consequently a growing number of 2007 television sets bear the “Full HD“ symbol of quality, indicating that they can offer the best possible levels of high definition with the full 1080 lines. Substantial qualitative improvements are also promised by the latest generation of picture processing equipment: An increasing number of them use the 100 hertz technology, already known from the analogue era, which enables them to display movement in a natural and flowing way on the screen. 24p is another current technical abbreviation, indicating the ability of equipment to show the content from Blu-ray or HD-DVD discs with maximum precision on the screen. In addition to technology that provides sharp, clear pictures with a clean contrast, ease of operation is becoming ever more important too. The top-of-the-range television sets at the IFA 2007 come ready equipped with HDTV receivers and hard drives for time-delay viewing.

IFA 2007 Berlin - Blu-ray discs & HD-DVD
For perfect pictures that recreate that Hollywood feeling in the living room the second generation of players can handle Blu-ray discs and HD-DVDs. Not only is there an unprecedented range of different models, there is also a much wider choice of interfaces and formats for reproducing images and sound. One solution that will certainly stand the test of time: a second model is now on show at the IFA that can play back both of these new media formats.

IFA 2007 Berlin - HD camcorders
For the demanding home movie maker high definition technology has become more or less essential. The IFA 2007 is presenting HD camcorders from virtually every major manufacturer in a range and diversity never before seen at a trade show. The new HD models record using every conceivable storage medium, from blank DVDs to cassettes and hard drives and chip cards. And one item is making its world debut: the first model capable of recording high definition images onto an eight centimetre Blu-ray disc. In the world of outstanding sound quality the evolution of high definition is setting new standards. For the first time the latest AV receivers, for example, are now able to decode the new high definition, loss-free multi-channel sound formats offered by the Blu-ray disc and HD-DVD. This enables them to carry surround-sound from up to eight channels to the loudspeakers with the same degree of precision as was achieved in the studio with the original recording. This makes home cinema systems an even more attractive proposition for digital concerts too.

IFA 2007 Berlin - Mobile communications
Mobility is the other important factor driving digital innovation, and it is featured on virtually every stand at the IFA 2007 Berlin. Mobile communication, information and entertainment, they are all central components of the digital lifestyle, which the IFA displays more comprehensively than any other trade show. The massive public interest in sat-nav equipment is especially impressive. This year these digital route-finders include even more realistic map displays, attractive tourist information and many supplementary multimedia functions to delight visitors to the IFA. The IFA 2007 can also claim a world first in the field of mobile televisions: the Science and Technology Forum (TWF) in Hall 5.3 is showing how mobile phones and other mobile terminals will in future be able to receive TV signals and multimedia content via a combination of satellite transmissions and terrestrial distribution.

IFA 2007 Berlin - IPTV services
Another innovative method of distributing digital media content is already a commercial reality, and of course can be examined in-depth at the IFA: television over internet protocol, or IPTV for short. Already IPTV services are combining many different functions: Television, online videotheques, video recording, electronic programme guides, the internet and communication by voice and picture, a typical example of the convergence taking place in the new digital media world.

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