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Pioneer AVIC-N4 navigation

Ralf Jurrien
IFA Report
Friday 31st, August 2007
Posted by: Ralf Jurrien

Today’s longer com-mutes and increased time spent in vehicles due to traffic make Pioneer’s AVIC-N4 DVD based in-dash navigation system the ideal gear for anyone looking to improve their daily driving experience. The Pioneer AVIC-N4 navigation serves as the hub for information, communication and entertainment in the car by providing drivers with detailed route guidance, audio and video playback and connectivity to popular portable devices. The in-dash system features nearly 12 million points of interest, XM NavTraffic integration, voice prompting, telephone number search, CD, DVD and compressed audio playback, iPod audio and video integration and expanded Bluetooth capabilities.

Pioneer AVIC-N4 navigation

Pioneer navigation system
“The need to enhance the driving experience is so prevalent among drivers these days. The amount of time spent in the car has increased significantly, making products like the Pioneer AVIC-N4 navigation a necessity for driving consumers,” said Larry Rougas, vice president of marketing and product planning for the Mobile Entertainment Division at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “The Pioneer AVIC-N4 navigation will deliver a heightened driving experience with its multi-functional capabilities.”

Pioneer AVIC-N4 navigation - POIs
With the Pioneer navigation system AVIC N4, consumers are presented with detailed mapping and guidance for the entire United States, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii utilizing two regional DVD ROM discs. Once a destination is entered, the system provides easy to follow, step-by-step route guidance followed up with helpful audio prompts to assist drivers. The system displays detailed lane information at complex highway interchanges to further prepare drivers for upcoming turns and exits. Approximately 12 million points of interest (POIs) in 271 categories such as gas stations, ATMs, hotels and restaurants are included in the system’s database with the ability to overlay them onto the map. The database also includes more than 59 brand icons for quick identification of popular POIs.

Pioneer AVIC-N4 navigation - Pioneer traffic tuner
When a Pioneer GEX-P10XMT XM traffic tuner is connected to the Pioneer AVIC-N4 navigation (subscription to XM NavTraffic(a) required), drivers are alerted to current traffic incidents and traffic flow conditions. Traffic icons and flashing lines are directly overlaid onto the map screen to identify conditions of the highways. The dynamic system also suggests alternate routes to avoid traffic congestion when it is detected. XM NavTraffic, a subscription service of XM Satellite Radio powered by NAVTEQ Traffic, provides the Pioneer AVIC-N4 navigation system with in-depth traffic data for 79 major metropolitan markets across the United States and Canada.

Pioneer AVIC-N4 navigation - Audio & Video
In addition to navigation, the AVIC-N4 provides high quality audio and video playback. Utilizing the memory navigation feature, the CD/DVD slot remains available while the system provides route guidance. When a destination is entered, the route and necessary mapping information is stored into its internal memory. The same multi-functional drive plays different forms of discs including DVD video, CD-R/RW and DVD-R/RW filled with MP3, WMA, AAC or DivX video. The unit also employs dual zone capability to provide rear seat passengers with DVD video or CD audio content for rear seat passengers through additional rear screens and headsets while the front passenger and drivers enjoy audio from the AM/FM tuner or an optional XM and/or SIRIUS Satellite radio tuner (subscription required).

Pioneer AVIC-N4 navigation - iPod Direct Control feature
The Pioneer AVIC-N4 navigation includes a built-in iPod Direct control feature to connect to an iPod audio/video player using Pioneer’s optional iPod cable (CD-I200). Controls of the popular device are fast and easy with music content and information displayed directly on the large touch screen monitor. Much like the iPod control, the search bar (similar to the scroll wheel on an iPod) appears on screen where the user can view the play lists, genre, album and artist folders. The Pioneer AVIC-N4 navigation also allows playback of video or podcast content from an iPod video player. Through the touch screen control, the user can choose between iPod sources to play audio or video. Much like a multi-CD changer, an iPod can be used as a primary source for the Pioneer AVIC-N4 navigation, freeing the DVD/CD drive specifically for navigation.

Pioneer CD-BTB200 adapter
Through Pioneer’s optional CD-BTB200 adapter, Bluetooth-enabled cell phones can be synched to the system for complete hands-free operation allowing users to carry out phone conversations through the vehicle’s internal speakers and included microphone. When a connected cell phone receives a call or is in use, the Pioneer AVIC-N4 navigation automatically displays the number of the incoming call and mutes the audio. The system also features caller identification when phone numbers are stored in its internal phone book. Phone numbers can be stored and dialed through the unit’s touch display or pushed wirelessly directly from a cell phone.

Pioneer AVIC-N4 navigation - Price & Availability
The system utilizes the A2DP Bluetooth protocol to allow wireless audio streaming from Bluetooth-enabled audio players. In addition, the AVRCP protocol is supported allowing for simple operation of the audio player via the touch screen. The Pioneer AVIC-N4 navigation will be available at a suggested price of $1600.

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