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Casio 60 fps Digital Camera Prototype

Ralf Jurrien
IFA Report
Friday 31st, August 2007
Posted by: Ralf Jurrien

Casio announced that it is developing an entirely new digital camera with hitherto unseen high speed performance and image capture functions that make the most of its cutting-edge digital technologies. The revolutionary Casio 60 fps digicam of the future will be able to take still images at an astonishing shooting speed, to catch fast-moving subjects at the crucial moment. The Casio Hi-speed camera will also take movies that capture movement so fast that it cannot even be seen by the human eye. The first Casio high speed camera prototype was displayed at the IFA, a consumer electronics trade show, in Berlin, Germany, where our team is operating and working to cover the show live.

Casio 60 fps Digital Camera Prototype

Casio Digital Camera Prototype - Innovative and Display
Casio’s digital cameras have been setting the pace since 1995, when the company introduced the QV-10, a digital camera for personal use with an LCD display that played a major role in creating the digital camera market. In 2002, Casio commenced sales of the card-sized EXILIM series of LCD digital cameras, which feature superb portability and response speeds. Casio is constantly seeking to expand the market by delivering greater ease of use and the kind of innovative functions that only digital cameras can offer.

Casio Digital Camera Prototype - 6.0 Megapixel - 12x optical zoom
The prototype of Casio’s latest revolutionary camera features a new high speed CMOS sensor and a high speed LSI image processing chip. This 6.0 Megapixel, 12x optical zoom, high-performance digital camera prototype with CMOS-shift image stabilization function offers not only ultra-high speed burst shooting for still images, but also high speed movie recording.

Casio 60 fps Digital Camera Prototype

Casio Ultra-high speed burst shooting
For still images, the Casio 60 fps digital camera achieves ultra-high speed burst shooting of 60 images per second at maximum resolution - the fastest in the world. Moreover, using Pre-shot Burst Mode, (a ultra-high speed continuous shooting mode that captures images from the scene prior to the moment when you actually press the shutter button), users can be confident they will never miss the most crucial photographic moment. The camera can also capture movies at VGA resolution at an incredible 300 frames per second, which means it can record movies for replay in ultra-slow motion, a function that has only been possible so far with a limited range of professional movie equipment.

Casio 60 fps Digital Camera Prototype

Casio 60 fps Digital Camera Specifications
• Effective pixels: 6.0 million
• Imaging element: 1/1.8 inch high speed CMOS sensor (total pixels: 6.6 million)
• High speed burst shooting: 60 images per second at 6.0 million pixels, JPEG
• High speed movie: 300fps, Motion JPEG, AVI format, VGA
• Lens/focal : 12 lenses in 9 groups, F2.7 to 4.6, equiv. 35-420mm on 35mm camera
• Zoom: 12X optical zoom
• Image stabilization mechanism: CMOS-shift image stabilization
• Monitor screen: 2.8-inch widescreen TFT color LCD, approx. 230,000 pixels
• Viewfinder: Color LCD, approx. 200,000 pixels
• Dimension and weight: 127.5 mm (W) x 79.5 mm (H) x 130.0 mm (D).
• Weight Approx. 650 g (excluding battery and accessories)

Casio 60 fps Digital Camera Prototype

Casio High Speed 60fps Camera Prototype - Release and Determination
The precise product release date, pricing, brand name and specifications remain to be determined. Casio will continue working on the camera to further improve performance and functionality, and is determined to produce an amazing digital camera that offers brand new ways of enjoying photography and creates new applications for digital photography. The images we show are based at a prototype camera.

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