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Apple iPhone review

Ilse Jurrien
IFA Report
Wednesday 9th, July 2008
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

The British company Continental Mobiles has been selling exclusive cell phones and iPods online since September 2006. Gold versions of various cell phone brands and models are being sold. In addition, Continental Mobiles offer various mobile phones with embedded diamonds. All purchases are delivered with a so-called 'Gold Card', which stands for the exclusively British manufacturing of the product. Even though the Apple iPhone in itself is already a unique device, the combination with the additions of Continental Mobiles ensures that you, as a user, are guaranteed not to meet a similar phone.

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone retail package
The iPhone, much-discussed even before it came out, had a lot of people in suspense for a long time, after all it is not just a mobile phone. The iPhone features a sleek design with various innovative functions, as we are used to seeing from Apple. And of course, the user-friendliness and the stability of the well-known Apple products can also be found in the iPhone. Opening the package of most purchased Apple products already gives you a good feeling. Even in the package you can see the design. This is also the case for this 24 carat gold iPhone; every single detail shows care, a lot of care, and it suffices to say this is the ultimate mobile experience. The Apple iPhone features a large 3.5 inch touchscreen with a resolution of 480x320 pixels. There is only one button on the front, the so-called 'home button'. Other than that, the iPhone is entirely operated by the touchscreen.

Apple iPhone

Golden Apple iPhone review
In order to enable surfing on the Internet with the Apple iPhone, the Safari web browser is used. A quick access button for this is found at the bottom of the menu. When you open Safari, you will see the address bar on the top side. Clicking this will make a full QWERTY keyboard appear on the touchscreen monitor. Besides inserting an internet address you can also enter a search in the field below. If a search order is given, you will enter Google. A handy option to search for things quickly. A web page appears on the screen fully-sized. Zooming in is enabled by placing two fingers on the screen at the same time and moving them away from each other, just as when you zoom in on a picture. This makes nearly every Internet page easy to read and clearly visible. The iPhone is a versatile mobile phone offering many possibilities. It is a must for the gadget freak. The 2.0 Megapixel digital camera lets you make reasonable pictures. However; you will undoubtedly miss the zoom function, and the resolution is, to put it bluntly, simply too low. Read the full iPhone review at LetsGoMobile.

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