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Olympus FE5050

Ilse Jurrien
IFA Report
Monday 6th, September 2010
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

IFA 2010 press : Olympus announces the new Olympus FE-5050, a compact digital camera featuring 5x optical zoom lens from wide-angle 26mm in a slim, high quality metal camera body, offered in stylish colors. The "Fashionable & Elegant" FE series digital cameras incorporate an impressive array of advanced functions in a slim, stylish body. User-friendly functions include easy-to-understand descriptions of digital camera modes and other functions on the LCD monitor and an iAUTO function that automatically optimizes the camera settings by analyzing the scene.

Olympus FE5050

Olympus FE5050 features
The new Olympus FE-5050 digital camera is equipped with True Picture 3 image processing engine, which is originally developed for Interchangeable lens digital camera, delivering color fidelity and wide dynamic range. Shooting functions evolved with an expanded range of 6 Magic Filters including two new camera filters. These new functions make usual scenes a quick change into exciting images filled with fun and pleasurable surprise.

Olympus FE5050 includes Magic Filters
The new Olympus FE-5050 compact camera features an expanded range of 6 Magic Filters, Pop, Pin Hole, Fisheye and Drawing inherited from the previous model, and newly added Punk and Soft Focus.
• Pop : Enhances colors, making them more vivid and bright
• Pin Hole : Creates images with a retro feel, reducing brightness
• Fisheye : Makes a picture mysterious like shooting with a fisheye lens
• Drawing : Transforms your photos into an intriguing line drawing
• Soft Focus : Creates a surreal, dreamy, romantic atmosphere
• Punk : Makes photos like a block print in pink and black.

Olympus FE5050

Olympus camera availability
The new Olympus FE-5050 digital camera will be available from September 2010. The Olympus FE camera is available in the colours silver, gold, pink, blue and black.

Olympus FE5050

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