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Samsung Galaxy Tab review

Mark Peters
IFA Report
Saturday 25th, December 2010
Posted by: Mark Peters

During the IFA 2010, the Samsung Galaxy Tab was shown and a few months later, the Tab has seen a phased introduction and is now available in different countries. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet can be comfortably held in one hand, just like holding a Smartphone, although you will notice its weight after a while. I put the tablet flat on the table to keep working with it. Operation is intuitive and the tablet’s buttons in combination with the touch control make it easy to navigate. The memory card slot for the microSD / SDHC cards and the SIM slot are found on the side of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. In addition, the on/off button and the volume button are neatly integrated into the side. The front of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, there is a VGA camera for video calling, and a 3 Megapixel digital camera is on the back.

Samsung Galaxy Tab review

Samsung Galaxy Tab review
The Samsung Galaxy Tab that we used for this test was equipped with Android 2.2. Although some say that only with Android 3.0 will the tablet be truly supported, Samsung obviously does not agree. Samsung has adjusted Android 2.2 in such a way that the Galaxy Tab can easily be marketed. It is expected, however, that as soon as a new version of Android becomes available, Samsung will be the first in line for it, and bring this version to its Tab-clients. If you want street navigation, you can find your way with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The new Samsung Android tablet has a built-in GPS chip so that the Tab can serve as a navigation system. It works well in practice. You do need to make the necessary connection, which required a few minutes in our case, but once it is working, navigating with the Tab is a pleasant experience.

Samsung Galaxy Tab review

Samsung Galaxy Tab software applications
The Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with the necessary applications included. These Apps are optimized for a tablet, which is especially noticeable when the e-mail App is activated. When the Tab is held horizontally, the display is divided into two windows.

Samsung Galaxy Tab review

Samsung Galaxy Tab review
Working with the Samsung Galaxy Tab is pleasant. The tablet does what it is supposed to, actually our experience was almost identical to that of a modern Smartphone, only now everything is in XL format. Still, there is one characteristic that can be an obstacle for its success, and that is the price tag. The new iPad has quite a big price tag, as expected, and thanks to a large amount of loyal Apple fans and the way that it was hyped, the price tag was apparently not an obstacle to sales success. We are not so convinced that this will be the case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Perhaps in combination with a subscription, the Tab will be more worthwhile. Read the complete Samsung Galaxy Tab review at Lets Go Mobile.

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