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Iriver U10 preview
IFA 2005 - Digital Imaging & Digital Music - Posted by Dennis Hissink.
Digital Imaging & Digital Music
The iriver U10 heralds a new era in portable audio The revolutionary new "direct click" concept from iriver does away with buttons, keys and touchpads. The result is an MP3 player that oozes style and pushes the boundaries of high-quality entertainment. A stunning combination of sight, sound and touch. The U10 from iriver, the leading provider of forward-looking portable audio and video solutions in the digital entertainment segment, looks set to revolutionise the digital audio market with its sublime blend of elegant design and pure innovation. The centerpiece of the iriver U10 is its brilliant 2.2" colour display, which also doubles up as the control interface. Unlike the touchscreens normally used on PDAs, the U10's "direct click" feature responds to gentle pressure from the fingertip, eliminating the need for pens and control keys. Available with 512 MB or 1 GB of memory, this ingenious "dis-player" measures just 69 x 47 x 16 mm - smaller than a box of playing cards. Tipping the scales at just 70 grams, this versitile, lightweight device supplies style-conscious music addicts with the full complement of mobile entertainment: music, video, flash animations, still images, games, text files... You name it, the U10 can handle it. Add the optional retro-style docking station and you have a genuine cult object in your hands!
 iriver U10  iriver U10 remote control
The U10's innovative operating concept does away with all extra controls that could distract from the pure elegance of its sleek lines. Despite its diminutive dimensions, the player still has ample room for a 2.2" display. The brilliant color LCD responds to the gentlest pressure, making navigation more intuitive than ever before. A resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA) leaves the iriver U10 ideally equipped for razor-sharp photos and videos on the move (in JPG or MPEG4 (SP) format). Even flash animation video games are second nature for this powerful all-rounder. With a signal-to-noise ratio of 90 dB combined with a perfectly balanced frequency response the U10 will impress the toughest of audiophiles. iriver U10 in the dock - more than just an MP3 player The new-generation flash player has a vivid colour LCD display making it increadibly versatile. A built-in microphone also makes the iriver U10 an ultra-compact dictation machine. Recording quality is freely selectable and is controlled automatically. A built-in FM tuner, complete with real-time clock and timercontrolled recording function, delivers perfect radio sound on the move. Once the device docks in its optional cradle, even more possibilities open up as the U10 combines with the FM tuner to provide a fully-fledged multimedia alarm clock. The stereo speakers in the docking station make sure users wake up to high quality audio. The traditional snooze button is implemented for those who need an easy start to the day. If you want to finish off your dream in peace, just push the button and your music of choice gives you another five minutes' grace. When the U10 is sitting in its cradle, the line-in can hook up to other audio sources. Music from the stereo system, for example, can be MP3-encoded in real time and stored on the player. The cradle even includes a remote control unit, music to the ears of even the most hardcore couch potato. Entertainment as an integrated work of art.
iriver U10 - Prices and availability : The iriver U10 is fully intergrated with Microsoft Windows Media Player 10. Proven playback and music management functions combine with fast access to the Digital Media Hall to make modern entertainment child's play. Users can browse through online shops in search of their favorite hits. Better still, support for the new Windows Media 10 DRM also leaves the new flash player well equipped for the future. Two versions of the iriver U10 will be available in mid-August. The flagship 1 GB model will cost £179, while its 512 MB sibling has a price tag of £ 159. Available at the end of August, the optional docking station will be distributed via selected online shops at a price of £ 49.
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