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Olympus Mju Digital 600 digital camera
IFA 2005 - Digital Imaging & Digital Music - Posted by Mark Peters.
Digital Imaging & Digital Music
Olympus Mju Digital 600 digital camera introduction : The 6 Megapixel Olympus Mju Digital 600 really features ground-breaking BrightCapture Technology, the 6.4cm LCD gives photographers a live view of subjects in low light that is more than four times brighter than on conventional cameras. It effectively takes the guesswork out of framing in darker conditions such as at a thumping party or an atmospheric concert. Special shooting modes are also available to enhance night-time image capture and return amazing shots that make best use of the available light. This stylish and compact Olympus Mju 600 boasts a weatherproof metal body which is available in a choice of three colours and the 3x optical zoom ensures added shooting versatility. Moreover, a built-in Guide Function makes photography easy, even for beginners. It reveals the purpose and recommended use of the various camera functions directly and clearly on the extra-large LCD. High-definition results that show all details are a fundamental trait of the Olympus Mju Digital 600. Boasting 6.0 million pixels and a precision 3x zoom lens (1:3.1-5.1, equivalent to 35-105mm in 35mm format), this model faithfully reproduces scenes with startling clarity.
Olympus Mju Digital 600
Mju 600 - First-class shooting : Image quality is further enhanced through incorporation of the powerful TruePic TURBO processor, which not only ensures the best results but also speeds up camera start-up and response times. Like all cameras bearing the Mju Digital badge, this model features a stylish, compact design in a weatherproof metal body. In addition, the Olympus 600 Digital gives users the choice of three colours, Navy Blue, Ruby Red and Arctic Silver.
BrightCapture technology - Night specialist : With its extra-large LCD measuring 6.4cm across, there'll be no more squinting when appraising the photos on the screen. And, of course, the framing of shots has also been made easier thanks to such generous monitor dimensions. Best of all, when the lights go down, the virtues of the Olympus Mju 600 shine even brighter. Incorporation of BrightCapture Technology lets views that would ordinarily be lost in darkness, be vividly displayed on the LCD. The BrightCapture Technology thereby actively supports photographers to frame shots accurately in lighting conditions that have a mere 1/5th of the luminosity otherwise required. This innovative technology also speeds up the autofocus time for extra-fast, clear shooting.
Olympus Mju Digital 600 - Noise Reduction : But that's not all that BrightCapture Technology enables. Switch the camera to Available Light Portrait mode and the Olympus Mju Digital 600 increases sensitivity for incredible results using only the ambient Light, without the need for a flash. Alternately, in Indoor mode, the flash is permitted to fire letting even the darkest corners of rooms to be properly exposed. And, with its better use of available light, BrightCapture Technology allows faster shutter speeds to be used, thereby providing extra protection against blurring, even of fast moving subjects! With each of these unique modes, image noise is effectively prevented by an automatic lowering of the resolution. So, as the sun starts going down and fun of the night reaches its peak, the Mju 600 is the perfect companion to capture all the excitement and action as it happens.
Olympus Mju 600 - Versatile operation : 23 scene modes plus Programme Auto cover the gamut of shooting situations, from portraits, landscapes and night scenes right through to underwater photography (when used in conjunction with the optional Olympus PT-029 Underwater Case for shooting up to an amazing 40m below the water's surface). To facilitate favourable exposures, photographers have a histogram function at their disposal. It not only returns information on the brightness distribution of shots already taken, but provides this data in real time when in shooting mode too.
Olympus Digital 600 - Macro and Red-eye : For getting ultra-close to subjects and capturing the minutiae of even the finest details, the Olympus Mju Digital 600 has both Macro and Super Macro shooting modes for up to 7cm close-ups. Furthermore, the practical movie recording function lets fluid motion be captured, and footage can be saved up to the memory cards' capacity. Ensuring that shooting flexibility is further augmented and scenes always obtain the illumination they require, users can invoke the built-in flash with various modes. While it includes a Red-eye Reduction mode, this model also features a special "red-eye fix" editing function to remove red eyes from photos already saved in memory.
Olympus 600 - Easy operation and PictBridge : Despite all these inclusions, the Olympus Mju 600 remains amazingly easy to operate. If, however, photographers find themselves in a tricky situation they can use the very helpful Guide Function which reveals the purpose and recommended use of the various camera functions directly on the LCD. PictBridge support further facilitates hassle-free printing of images directly on compatible printers. This lets shots be put to paper and passed around to friends, in only 33 seconds with the new Olympus P-11 dye-sublimation printer from Olympus.
Olympus Mju Digital 600 - Availability : With its stylish good looks, 6.0 million pixels and a treasure-trove of advanced features such as the innovative BrightCapture Technology, users have the freedom to seek out their photographic inspiration wherever they want. No matter if rain or shine, day or night. The Olympus Mju Digital 600 will be available from autumn 2005 and comes with the Olympus Master software for easy file management.
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