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Olympus FE-120 digital camera
IFA 2005 - Digital Imaging & Digital Music - Posted by Mark Peters.
Digital Imaging & Digital Music
Olympus FE 120 digital camera introduction : The power of 6.0 million pixels is now within everyone's grasp. With the Olympus FE-120, price-conscious photographers have the opportunity to let their captured images stand out from the crowd due to their brilliant quality. To support the camera's high-resolution, the Olympus FE120 digital camera is equipped with a precision 3x zoom lens (equivalent to 38-114mm on 35mm camera) and the TruePic TURBO processor which further assures superior image results and faster response. Operation of this attractive model could hardly be easier and photographic features such as multiple scene modes, super macro shooting and movie recording make it a formidable all-rounder. Designed for trouble-free, intuitive operation, the Olympus FE-120 digital camera is a treat to use. Just about as quickly as it takes to get the FE-120 out of the box, photographers will be flaunting images that impress with their full 6.0 million pixels. Even when printed in large formats, thanks to the high level of resolution and the TruePic TURBO image processor, pictures will astound with their strikingly fine definition and clarity.
Olympus FE120
Olympus FE120 - Optical zoom and Super macro : The 3x zoom lens system (38-114mm equivalent on 35mm cameras) gives the Olympus FE120 great shooting flexibility to bring far away subjects in near. Furthermore, users can enjoy a total magnification of 12x in combination with the 4x digital zoom providing images without a visible loss of quality when printed in standard sizes such as 10x15cm. The camera can either automatically determine the best exposure and focus settings in Programme mode or users can alternately select one of 16 scene modes such as Portrait or Candle. A special help function assists users in selecting the best mode by displaying a corresponding sample picture. Added versatility is provided through the Super Macro function that allows stunning close ups from as little as 2cm, or the movie recording mode.
Olympus FE-120 - PictBridge support : Images are saved to either the 14MB internal memory or on xD-Picture Cards, of which a 32MB type is included, and results can be viewed immediately after capture on the 4.6cm LCD. Being PictBridge compatible, this model lets images be printed directly on any printer supporting this standard, such as the new high-quality and ultra-fast Olympus P-11 photo printer which can put pictures to paper in just 33 seconds. This means FE-120 users don't even need to own a computer to enjoy the benefits of digital photography and the convenience of home printing.
Olympus FE 120 - Availability : Boasting an attractively rounded form, various easy-to-use photographic features to enhance picture-taking and the muscle of 6.0 million pixels, the Olympus FE-120 leaves little to be desired. It represents exceptional value for money and is ideal for all entrants to digital photography demanding high performance. The Olympus FE 120 is also shipped with the Olympus Master software and will be available from autumn 2005.
Olympus FE-120 features:
• 6.0 million pixels
• 3x zoom lens (38-114mm equivalent), 1:2.8-4.9
• 4.6cm/1.8" LCD
• 16 scene modes (e.g. Candle, Portrait, Landscape)
• Super Macro shooting from 2cm
• TruePic TURBO image processor
• Editing functions (incl. re-size with frame illustration)
• Movie recording function
• PictBridge compatible
• 14MB internal memory plus removable xD-Picture Cards
• Uses standard or rechargeable AA-size batteries
• Shipped with Olympus Master software
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