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Pentax Optio S6 digital camera
IFA 2005 - Digital Imaging & Digital Music - Posted by Mark Peters.
Digital Imaging & Digital Music
Pentax Optio S6 digital camera introduction : Incorporating a newly developed, compact 3X optical zoom lens, the Pentax Optio S6 packs 6.0 effective Megapixels and a large 2.5-inch LCD into exceptionally slim dimensions. Through taking an entirely new approach to lens design, Pentax presents the Optio S6 camera with an impressively slim body depth of a mere 19mm. The Pentax S6 digital camera also features a 3X optical zoom lens. The Pentax OptioS6 incorporates a large, 2.5-inch LCD monitor that offers the clarity of 232,000 total pixels. And because it is a Beau-Reflective monitor (low-reflection type) with a built-in backlighting mechanism, it can be viewed easily and clearly even outdoors in sunny weather. Despite its new slim body design, the Pentax Optio S6 incorporates a large, 2.5-inch LCD monitor that offers the clarity of 232,000 total pixels. And because it is a Beau-Reflective monitor (low-reflection type) with a built-in backlighting mechanism, it can be viewed easily and clearly even outdoors in sunny weather. As a result, the Pentax S6 makes it easy to compose shots, playback recorded images for confirmation and select functions through smooth menu navigation.
Pentax Optio S6
Pentax Optio S6 digital camera - New design : A new approach to the design of the lens unit including the Pentax Sliding Lens System has enabled the Optio S6 creation with exceptionally compact dimensions. In fact, through the use of glass-molded aspherical lenses which are concave on both sides, a thinner CCD, a fully flat backside of the lens unit and other advances, the entire lens unit has a depth that is a full 2mm thinner than our conventional unit. High-level engineering expertise has also been applied to influencing the dimensions of the body, with high-density mounting and the strategic use of internal space realizing a body depth of only 19mm.
Pentax OptioS6 - High image quality: Employing a 1/2.5-inch primary color CCD, the Pentax Optio S6 delivers outstanding 6.0 effective Megapixel performance. It also boasts an smc Pentax lens that makes use of Pentax original coating to achieve minimized ghosting and flare, a high-performance ASIC that delivers refined image processing, and new improved noise reduction with the power to deliver true-to-life color gradation and rich texture, even at high sensitivities.
Pentax S6 camera - Icons display at once : The Mode palette enables the display of multiple mode icons for shooting and playback on the LCD monitor simultaneously, a factor that has earned it praise on other Optio models for the level of operational ease this entails. On the Pentax OptioS6 camera, it allows the user to select from the diverse range of 15 shooting mode icons and 14 playback icons in an instant. And because the Palette mode display is translucent, the user can make his or her selection while still being able to view the image on the screen.
Pentax OptioS6 camera - Design and Movie : Featuring a combination of fine spindle treatment, a unique blast process effect, and a metal band at its upper end, the aluminum alloy exterior of the Pentax S6 digital camera exudes a sense of high quality while also feeling attractive to the touch. Plated parts have been added for the grip and the area surrounding the lens, adding an appealing luster which accentuates the camera's overall elegance. And the connectors and battery compartment have all been grouped together on one side to minimize protrusions and maintain the clean, attractive lines. Stylish enough to be worn as an accessory, yet delivering the power to take impressive images, the OptioS6 is equally ideal for travel, leisure, snapshots and business use. Offering movie shooting with 640x480 recording pixels at a swift rate of 30fps (frames per second), the Pentax OptioS6 camera delivers smooth movies with camcorder quality. The S6 digital camera also offers the advantage of DivX MPEG-4 image compression that makes it possible to shoot movies of a longer duration, while a useful movie anti-shake function makes results noticeably more stable.
Pentax S6 digital camera - Tracking AF : Not all subjects are willing to stand still and say "Cheese!" Fortunately, the OptioS6 features tracking AF (Tracking AF continually detects both horizontal and vertical movement of the main subject to ensure sharp focus at the desired moment. Confirmation of the focus area can be done on the focus frame on the LCD monitor) which can track a moving subject around the frame, while maintaining precise focus for pin-sharp results. Adding further convenience, this mode is automatically activated upon selection of Sport and Pet modes.
Pentax Optio S6 features:
• High-speed continuous shooting at up to 1.6 frames per second
• Approx. 23MB built-in memory; SD memory card compatible
• Candlelight mode allows high-sensitivity shooting at a Standard Output Sensitivity of 800
• Built-in AF spotbeam (on/off switching possible)
• Frame composite function allows frames to be added at time of shooting
• Pan focus function for easy snapshots
• Convenient image rotation function for easy confirmation of vertical shots
• Standard image viewer, ACDSee for Pentax software
• FotoNation's red-eye compensation function for flash shots
• UBS 2.0 Hi-Speed compatible
• DPOF function, Exif Print, and PRINT Image Matching III compatible
• PictBridge compatible
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