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SanDisk Cruzer Freedom USB flash drive
IFA 2005 - Digital Imaging & Digital Music - Posted by Mark Peters.
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SanDisk Cruzer Freedom USB flash drive : SanDisk introduced Cruzer Freedom USB Flash drive, a uniquely-designed device that lets students carry secure and legal Internet downloads of textbooks, novels, study aids, learning tools and other copyrighted content. Powered by a proprietary SanDisk technology called FlashCP (Flash Content Processor), this latest addition to the Cruzer family of flash drives is a "digital backpack" that can store educational materials as well as any personal content such as MP3 files, digital pictures or computer data files. Addressing a market of more than 65 million American students, SanDisk Cruzer Freedom will be available initially at U.S. Staples stores, starting in September. It will be offered at an introductory capacity of 256MB and will have a suggested retail price of $39.99, with a limited-time promotional discount at Staples. "We're excited to be launching Cruzer Freedom with our long-time part- ner, Staples, which is one of the leading resellers of USB flash drives in the country," said Wes Brewer, SanDisk vice president of consumer products mar- keting. "We believe that Cruzer Freedom provides an attractive value proposition to younger consumers and their parents because of its unique functionality and styling. And for retailers, it steps outside of the commodity mindset and into the solutions mindset."
SanDisk Freedom USB drive - Design and Durable :
Wes Brewer continues: "We have high expectations for sales of this latest version of our Cruzer line because of the strength of our retail partnerships and because of its industry-leading product features." The Cruzer Freedom's distinctive look and durable design are well-suited to the student lifestyle. Out of the box, the drive comes with two caps, one with a lanyard for wearing around the neck and the other with a key ring for securing to backpacks and key chains. "Cruzer Freedom is an essential school supply for the digital generation," said Dan Harkabi, SanDisk's vice-president of secure content solutions. "Aside from storing their important personal files, students can now download books, learning tools and reference materials to their drive and use them on any PC, offline or online."
SanDisk Cruzer Freedom USB flash drive
SanDisk digital back - Secure content : When a student plugs a SanDisk USB Cruzer Freedom for the first time into a PC that is connected to the Internet, the device is initialized and can access the SanDisk Online Catalog. The student, with his or her parent's assistance, can then select content for downloading, and the content is secured to that specific drive. Digital books are interactive, so text can be highlighted, annotated and searched.
SanDisk USB drive - Available titles : Many titles are offered for free. Among them are Merriam-Webster's Pocket Dictionary, a choice of one SparkNotes Study Guide, and classic literature ranging from Shakespeare to Mark Twain. Students may also download a free 30-day trial of Microsoft Student Graphing Calculator software, specialized Web content such as Homework Hub from, and Web pages and learning modules created by educators. Content for sale includes textbooks and bestselling novels from leading publishers. New titles are being added to the online catalog on a regular basis.
National Educational Computing Conference : SanDisk Cruzer Freedom USB flash drive and FlashCP debuted in June at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in Philadelphia, Pa., where it received strong interest from teachers and school administrators. "Students, parents and educators are already familiar with the value of USB flash drives in the school environment," said Sara Baber, director of Academic Technologies for the University of Houston. "By providing a simple and secure way to distribute many types of learning materials, SanDisk helps pull educational curriculum into the digital millennium."
Staples - Partner of SanDisk : Staples has seen substantial growth in sales of USB flash drives. "SanDisk's Cruzer Freedom, with its stylish design and content capability, is the perfect purchase for the student and should help make their studying a little easier," said Bruce Bressler, Staples' vice president of peripherals.
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