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Toshiba showcases digital concepts
IFA 2005 - Digital Imaging & Digital Music - Posted by Mark Peters.
Digital Imaging & Digital Music
Toshiba showcases digital concepts : At the IFA 2005 show, Toshiba is showing several prototypes or studies of new ideas and solutions. OLED is something that seems to be pushed into the background presently, but companies like Toshiba are still investing time and money into this new display technology. One of the concepts is an OLED/SD Memory Card viewer. This concept model is showcased at the Toshiba booth. The OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display is 3.5-inch large and offers a resolution of 320x240 pixels. It plays MPEG4 movies directly from Secure Digital (SD) card (QVGA 30 frames per second) and offers six hours playback. It seems that playing movies and music from flash cards will be the next step for portable entertainment.
Toshiba Multi Media Viewer OLED/SD Memory Card viewer
Toshiba Multi Media Viewer : Another concept model from Toshiba is the Multi Media Viewer. Instead of using a flash card, the Toshiba Multi Media Viewer has a built-in Toshiba 1.8-inch Hard Drive disk. The display is again an OLED display with a size of 3.5-inch and a resolution of 320x240 pixels. The device has an SD slot and plays motion picture and music from HDD or SD memory card. The display can be tilted and above this the Multi Media Viewer has a built-in wireless LAN / BlueTooth module.
Toshiba MP3 player
Toshiba MP3 player - Bit rate 320kbps : Last, but not least I found a new MP3 player concept. This neat little white thing plays up to 17 hours of MP3 music (128kb/s) directly from a Secure Digital card. Besides using a flash card, this concept is also able to play 69 hours of music from a built-inn 4GB 0.85-inch Hard Disk. For transmission Toshiba considers integrating a BlueTooth or USB interface.
About Toshiba : Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH is the European engineering, manufacturing, marketing and sales arm of Toshiba Semiconductor Company and Display Devices and Components Company. Toshiba is recognized as one of the world's largest suppliers of semiconductor, electronic component and storage solutions. Toshiba's Semiconductor capabilities include system LSI, high value-added and high performance memories, microprocessors and microcontrollers, and discrete devices. The company is also responsible for global sales and marketing of other major electronic components including liquid crystal displays, colour display and picture tubes, lithium-ion and other secondary batteries. Toshiba offers a broad range of enabling technology solutions that allow OEMs to develop advanced integrated products for the communications, digital consumer, automotive and industrial markets.
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